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I wanted to answer this question, (does aeration prepare a seed bed?) so I tried some preliminary tests on Oct 11th. I don't own an aerator so I used a 1" soil probe. "Aerated" a one-foot square area with the holes 3 inches apart on center. I added seed before and on a second sqft spot, after the "aeration". The cores were rather deep--around 4 to 5 inches and the soil was sandy and slightly dry. It brought up a lot of soil. Perhaps this is like a double or triple aeration. I also did a simulated slit seeding--I cut slits in sod at 1.5 inch intervals with a foot-operated edger, adding a half ounce of seed on top of that, (not visible in the photo.) Plus a sqft with no soil prep.
I did a similar test on a neighbor's vacant lot. Both areas thin and had dead crabgrass. Rain and cool temperatures expected. Stay tuned.
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