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Nobody has money in a sense to burn. I am however an entrepreneur, and investor. Now obviously a thorough credit check would be completed prior to providing the client a line of credit. Now I am not sure what your market is like, but most of our small projects are around $5,000. I am wanting to allocate about $30,000.00 from this year's profit towards investing. Taking $5,000 and putting it into a CD, you are only looking at a $75 profit...that or $500? It is all about compounding interest.

Now the only thing over the last few hours that I was beginning to consider is 12 months is a bit stretch for a landscape project, it's much like a personal loan. You have nothing to repossess if the customer defaults. If they for some reason loose their job, they will likely be more able to pay the loan on a 90 day term, then a surprise 12 months down the road.

An much safer option I am now considering is the 3 month, 90 day. You would be looking at $200.00 in interest......still all just an idea.
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