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Bidding a job

Ok guys- where are my old heads? I'm just a rookie at this and want to know the proper way to bid a job. I understand figuring up how much $$ you have in your equipment.. Example, 1000' spool c9's xxx.00. That's .xx per foot, + .xx for bulbs, etc... How do you figure a price per lineal foot by figuring in your workers, gas, plugs, cords, etc...

I guess what i am saying is how do you come up with a per lineal price from those costs?

Ex- say I use 25.00 gas In a day
Say I use 15 male/female plugs in a day as average
Say I pay out 250.00 per day for Helpers.

My question is how to fingure a lineal foot price from these numbers... How the heck do you go about doing that?
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