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I watched some of tanners videos back then and I said then and I agree now, they do have some good common sense information. I don't know tanner, but I will say there are dozens of folks who sell this information, and really, there are so many keys to success in this business that I don't think any of them are truly a turn key product. As far as tanners experience, There is a guy in Omaha that is not connected to Brite Ideas or Christmas Decor that has been doing Christmas lights and training for over 20 years. and although his books and videos are some of the best, his stuff still does not cover many things well- hiring,compensating and training employees, marketing and taxes, accounting, how to prepare a proper client planning file, etc. I have had training from multiple distributorship companies and had access to Christmas Decors hallowed video training, and even with all that and more than a few years experience I am still learning and getting better each year.

There is no doubt in my mind that you will save and make back that 200 bucks many times over. but trust me, if you spend about 40 hours treating the past 3-5 years of posts on here as a free guide, I think you will find it worth thousands of dollars in savings.

HBL and thier support staff is probably a good place to at least start, and if you want the c-9 and maybe rental buisiness Christmas Decor is worth a look if you can find the funds to buy in.
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