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This is some very good advice! Courtesy and politeness are two things that will take you a long way....not only in this business, but in "life" in general. It always amazes me how many people don't know this...or don't care.

Originally Posted by JacksonLawns View Post
I just finished reading through all 35 pages. I practice a lot of these tips and learned even more good practices. I didn't think I would be able to add anything, but here are a couple more things that I do.

It is very easy to "zone out" while trimming. Try to scan ahead of where you are going periodically (even back where you came from) to make sure there are not people walking towards you while you are kicking up grass and debris. People appreciate this. This is mostly for when you are trimming sidewalks.

While I am blowing I try to get the sidewalks first but if for some reason I start somewhere else (the street or driveway) if I see people walking towards the house I am at I will jump to the sidewalk and blow it off before they get there (when possible...I don't take off in a sprint around the house to get to them). People seem to appreciate that. It may be small, but if they are thinking about hiring someone, they will remember friendly gestures like were going to blow the sidewalk anyway.

Always wave and say hi to neighbors.

If a neighbor asks if you can help them out one time while they are on vacation, do it like it is your prized yard. I just got a new full time customer this way last month.
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