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Originally Posted by olcllc View Post
These pictures are of the same ballfield six weeks later. Foliar applied fertilizer GMS 10-20-10.
Those look nice. I haven't tried it yet. I didn't because the bermuda was extremely stressed until a couple of weeks ago and is slowing down greatly. We'll have a frost in 3-4 weeks and that'll be it. I think I will mix up a small batch in a backpack using a fine T-jet tip and flag out 1k in my own lawn and spray it at the 2 gal/acre rate just to see what kind of response I get over the next 4 wks or so. I'm home with my 7 yr old who has strep today(I'm getting tired of Barbies) and that would be a nice project. I'll be sure to correct the water hardness with vinegar
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