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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
Those look nice. I haven't tried it yet. I didn't because the bermuda was extremely stressed until a couple of weeks ago and is slowing down greatly. We'll have a frost in 3-4 weeks and that'll be it. I think I will mix up a small batch in a backpack using a fine T-jet tip and flag out 1k in my own lawn and spray it at the 2 gal/acre rate just to see what kind of response I get over the next 4 wks or so. I'm home with my 7 yr old who has strep today(I'm getting tired of Barbies) and that would be a nice project. I'll be sure to correct the water hardness with vinegar
What's wrong with barbies? You know you'd rather be there than out busting your butt all day.

We've already had frost... the leaves will be down by Halloween... and we're suppose to have two nights below freezing this coming week. I'll be finished by the first week of November this year... nearly a month early.
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