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Today I thoroughly cleaned an Echo MS-50 Backpack sprayer with a T-jet 8003 tip on the wand. I then proceeded with a jar test for water compatibility with the GMS product. The recommended rate for turf is 2 gal/acre(5.87oz/k). I added .75oz to 16oz of water in a jar and the mixture remained clearso I didn't need to add vinegar to correct for water hardness. I poured this into the backpack, added 2.25oz more of GMS and added 48oz more water to the mix. I measured 500 sq ft to spray using the 3oz product called for. It worked out perfect. I blanket apped this area and ran out of mix as I reached the end of the area. 1/2 gal finished mix/ 500ft sq. Prior to spraying I mowed this area at a 3 inch height. I took pictures of this area and will take pictures again for comparison. I am interested to see how this product works on warm season turf, especially turf that is headed into dormancy soon.
Thanks for all your help
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