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Originally Posted by Mdirrigation View Post
I drag it , use a 2 quart pitcher and do the cut in around the garage and where it meets the walk .I use an angled kitchen broom for the cut in ,then I then dump out 12 to 15 gallons and pull it along while I am standing in it , I am using a 4 ft pull broom . A 20 ft by 60 ft drive takes between a half an hour to 45 minutes start to finish , this is weedeating the edges blowing off and stakeing the entrance. Not hard at all I even carry a tarp I lay on the concrete so I dont have to jump over it. I spray most parking lots , but I have broomed a few depending on the layout . Alone I can spread 150 to 200 gallons a day by myself . And I am a 1961 model
A man of experiance I see...
I too use a small bucket for the cut in near walks and garage's. We too drag for the finish touch but I can't use that 4' brush any more, just the 2' for me. I have been a fan of the underlay boards for about 8 years now and use them all the time, cut to different sizes and use them to cover walk ways, block out curbs and what not, they are the first things off the truck after we prep.
Do you use coal tar?
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