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Originally Posted by Terry Metro Lawn View Post
We recommend ALL factory units be readjusted before delivery. As far as warranty is concerned that would be between you and the dealer and, honestly, I'm not a lawyer so I can't argue the lawful point. Again, that is between you and the dealer.

An exhaust gas analyzer is fine but how would one set WOT without a Dyno? Our techs use a specialized pressure gauge to set initial and load pressures.

Really, I'm not here to argue with anybody. If I asked a question about lawnmowers or lawnmowing I wouldn't question your authority on the subject. You have too many years of practical application and experience.

I can only share my experience here. How it is used is up to the reader.

By the way, what WOULD the EGT at stoic? I'm curious...
EGT will let you know if the engine is running too hot. Running the engine rich won't wreck it. Running it too lean will melt stuff/expand pistons enough to wreck the cylinders, etc. It should show a lean misfire but if it is right before that point it could seem to work fine but causing damage. Knowing where it was before and after the conversion would be good to compare.
Looking for blown Kawi 29HP DFI engine's fd791d, whole thing, intake, throttle body, and electronic's. PM me if you have something you would like to sell.
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