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Originally Posted by Mdirrigation View Post
I have a 5 gallon pail of asphalt elmusion , to give a try , its a bit more expensive .how do you like it good and bad ?
Asphalt emulsion, at least sealmasters is a really nice product. I like it better than coal tar. No smell, no burn, no water to add.

Its a tough sell though. It costs more.

At the local plant its the same amount as the coal tar, except you dont add water. So youre buying 30% more sealer for the same coverage.

Its not much more expensive than a good coal tar mix, but the problem with that is your competition.

Where I am, the standard is coal tar 30,40,50% water, no sand, no latex, no additives. Just water coal tar and spray.

Im using coal tar, 30% water as recommended by seal master. Then im adding $200 in sand, and $100 in additive

A tank of coal tar ready mix costs me about 5-600 more than my competitor.

Right off the bat you have to try to sell that to a customer that only knows that 2 guys are offering to spray his lot black.

if you take the emulsion, add the sand and additive youre closer to $900 more per tank.

If youre competing against a guy that is happy putting 400 bucks in his pocket on a 500 gallon job. Youre already 500 higher in price than him before you even pay labor.

Its a tough sell.

The material however is great and is the way of the future
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