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OK, I finally broke down and checked out the site.

I didn't get past the first paragraph I read, can someone answer me this, because this isnt the first time I have come across it.

Where did this idea or sales pitch come from?

"WE are not a franchise, we are locally owned and operated" come from???

It really ticks me off, just because I chose to buy into a franchise does not mean I am not locally owned or operated. Sonsabitches, sell yourself and your product not some crap line.....

I can't be anymore locally owned or operated, own a house here, rent a warehouse here, send my kids to school here, active member of several local organizations, volunteer my time to community and organizations.

But all it takes is some jackleg to say, "oh he's a franchise, they wont take care of you like I will because I'm local" grrrrrrrrr, gonna knock someone's teeth in next time I hear a potential client being fed that crap....

might be a long year if some of this cut throat, price shopping crap keeps up....
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