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Originally Posted by tailboardtech View Post
is the fuel tank full? just have to check the gauge might be off if it is and its still a no go check the primer bulb on the fuel line if its got a lot of cracks in it replace it. if that still doesn't work the fuel pickup line is probably rotted off in the tank its an easy fix just pick up the cab (make sure it is properly braced) look in towards the tank you will see the line coming out of the tank pop it out of the grommet and put on a new line i think there about 18'' long if you cant fish the strainer out get a new one the last one i bought from car quest was 2/3 dollars (hope this helps)
This is where im at now. Ive lifted the cab, but all i see is the hydstat. pump and the back of the motor. The tank and lines seem to be hidden down between the two Its an 01 863. Maybe Im looking at the wrong place
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