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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
Crazy, Crazy year.

Basically plenty of work. The biz hasn't shot off like a rocket but steadily and consistently keeps growing, and considering the state of the economy, I can still look back on this season with a positive attitude.

Hired a guy, then laid him off. . But I've got more work for him over the next couple of weeks. He is a Navy Reservist that has seen ground action in the Middle East. He was stationed in Kuwait so he didn't complain about the heat we worked through during the summer.

He can't find a real job. It's a shame as he a very talented and dedicated individual. Not only is he a physically capable guy, he is also a graphic artist. So having someone like him that has an artistic appreciation really fits in. As a reservists, I can't believe he hasn't really found a full time job, but it makes me wonder if the uncertainties of hiring someone who could be deployed again and has his duty to his country that they don't want to take the risk to hire him. Basically in essence, they probably already feel like he has a job already.

Been doing a lot of thinking on how to really ramp up production for next year. I really want to be able to keep the new guy on as much as possible and be able to pay him his worth and give him the hours he needs. I already have about 6 good to great mulch jobs (part of my 2 year mulch cycle, just happens they fall on the same year), a patio and a minor install. I just want to make sure the latter half of the season has enough work for us.

So in a nutshell, no rain means no rain days to post on my thread. Hopefully I'll be able to post photos that I've randomly taken over the past season as I get a bit of free time.
If obama's job bill goes through you'll get a tax credit for hiring a vet. It is pretty sad out there being a reservist, I should know, even when I came home from Iraq back in 2005 it was hard to even get my old job back. I can see where your coming from with not looking to hire a reservist to the fact they could be moblized and your a small company. I think alot of the reason was I suffered PTSD from being a 0311 Rifleman, the company must have thought I was going to chain all the doors shut and burn that mother F*&#^ down. You need people there that will be there, and it is a gamble that they could be moblized. The thing about reservist's is their weekends are scheduled, moblization orders are given 30-90 days out. There shouldn't be a big fear of hiring reserverists.

I hope that cleared things up a bit.
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