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Zoysia grows kinda slow so it would kill our profits... Besides that it's only nice 8-10 months out of the year. Its a N hog and it gets fungus pretty easy. Hates shade and so does Bermuda. We have this stupid thing that almost every property has to have 3 shade trees on a 60x100 plot with a 3000sqft home, 400 sqft of beds, and a 2 car drive way with a side walk across the front. Not much turf that isn't shaded especially when the houses are 15-25ft apart and fenced in so there is all kinds of shade. If its new construction sure there is plenty of sun for a few years but then you have issues with it. Bermuda has most of the same issues as above unless its common and then the HOA consider it a weed. It gets everywhere when the lots are so small. The lots are uneven and then builders would have to pay extra to have the lawns top dressed and it takes time when they build a home in 40 days they cut every corner they can. Almost all of our St Augustine stays green all 12 months.
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