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Originally Posted by diamondlandscaping View Post
You should be feeding Zoysia with low amounts of N. Any grass type hates shade. Yea, you can use Palmetto in shade, but it will never be full and thick as if it were in full sun.

I wouldn't agree that St. Aug stays green all 12 months, especially after the last 3 winters.

St. Aug is a cheaper sod to use. But, it has its downsides just like everything else.
I don't do any Fert but I have talked to people in the area and they said to please customers eyes they have to dump it on for it to be as green as st aug.
I use mostly bitter blue and it stayed green all winter last year especially the stuff in the neighbor hoods and under trees. The Floratam bit the dust for a month or so but I don't use that stuff often unless its a price thing. Another crappy thing is Zoysia is hard to get half the year it seems. If you can find it they want like $180-$200 a pallet
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