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Originally Posted by crs View Post
Amen, I agree with all of the safety stuff.

Something I like to do is keep a couple of wound trimmer head spools in my toolbox. That way if I run out of string mid property I can be back to trimming in just a few moments and I don't have to stand in the heat and try to wind all that string.

Also, I made a little sign to go on all my mowers that says "DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID." It may sound silly but when you see it six or seven hours a day it does kind of sink in.
Buy some speed-feed heads from expressmowerparts and it only takes 30 seconds to load 3 full armlengths of don't even have to shut down the trimmer. Carry an extra coil of string in your cargo pants pocket so you don't have to walk back to the truck if you run out mid stream. Best investment you'll ever make...speed feed heads. Trust me on that one.
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