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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
THis is one of the most taken care of properties i have. They water lawn way to much though but there are around 100 different kinds of flowers alone. 30 veggies, 45 different ornamental bushes. Its quite amazing. and for price. This lawn is 430 dollars per month(includes bed weeding twice monthly) But this is around 85 dollars per cut. The smaller ones are 22-25 each
How the hell did you get her at that price, I inherited that lawn at 45 and could only get her up to 47, so we always did a rush job because it wasnt worth the effort at that price and double cutting almost every week. then her bitching about clippings in the beds no matter what we did (chutes were always blocked near beds and we still blew every bed). And she never wanted weeding because she had some creepy hobit that did it for her. No hard feelings, I was gonna drop her if she hadnt dropped me. How much do your guys cry about the whipping there, mine always hated that lawn
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