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Originally Posted by Michael Geist Yard Works View Post
Do these lawns experience brown patch significantly during the fall months more than say a zoysia lawn that does not have the N dumped on it?

I have seen companies or HO's doing the same thing with nailing it with fert here drive by and it is a dark of green as the SA in the area. I am interested to see some and if they experience higher fungal issues.
I haven't seen fungus really on any lawns I mow that massey dumps N on. Only problems I see now are shade issues causing really, really thinning of the zoysia. A few have Bermuda in spots but I doubt any customer would ever tell the difference between the two. Most think its the same grass as on the course, and they can't understand how the course stays green all year.... I bag most of my zoysia lawns by side discharging onto the side walk and driveway and then bag into plastic bags. Its hard to mulch in zoysia compared to the st aug. The back yard I discharge into a pile and pick up. I only do this when its raining a lot and I can't make it look good any other way.
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