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I liked looking through your thread! Nice truck, has a nice powerful look to it! You lawns looks good, man! Looking through these thread make me wish I was cutting up north. Grass is to pretty in Oklahoma usually...

Man, nothing stripes like Turf tracers... whew. You're laying down some good looking cuts!
(I'm hoping to get a TT 36" and belt drive but still a TT. )

Have a good one!
Thanks man, im glad you enjoyed it. I like posting pictures for everyone to view. Im proud of what i do and enjoy it every second. The grass doesnt always look that green, but unlike many companies around me, i raise my decks in late June about .5" to and 1" taller. This help the drought in July and August and the grass stays healthy. On my accounts that are irrigated they are usually always green all year round.

I love my TTHP's, i would recommend a 48" though. 36" are good size for a beginner but once you go to a 48" or 60" you will understand why i am saying this. For every 4 passes with a 36" its 3 passes with a 48". Think about how many passes you do each day. For me, its around 1000. If i used a 36" on my properties it would take me 40% more time to mow them with just that 12". And the price between a 36" and 48" is very minimal!

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