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Originally Posted by oakwdman View Post
When the $ is there buying and selling is amazing side $.
Wouldn't be where I am today without it!
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Same with me. Bought my first mower in 2008, it was a 2007 exmark metro for 1500 dollars and a 5x10 trailer for $900. Ended up selling the metro and a shindiawa t242(300 dollars trimmer new) for $3100 dollars. Traded my 5x10 TSC trailer for a 6x14 single axle sure trac trailer. Bought a 2008 exmark lazer z xs 35hp 60" for 5100 on ebay with 700 hours on it, then sold both my trailer and exmark as a package for 9500 dollars. Bought another exmark 35hp xs with 60" triton for 6,000 and bought a brand new 16ft sure trac hd trailer for $3,800. Then sold the 60" triton this year for 8000 with an acceleator bagger and bought two tthps for 3900 dollars together.

Im not saying i could have all this equipment without doing the trading up and selling and stuff. but im saying that i wouldnt have as much savings as capital as i do today without smart investing in used equipment and using it for a year, making a return on my used investment and then investing in a newer piece of equipment for the next season/ to be more efficient.

Ive saved well over 20k in purchasing used equipment and selling it for more than i bought it for.

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