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Originally Posted by Matt's Mowing Service View Post
I currently have 6 yards just in my neighborhood and I want to do this full time in a couple years. If I put out 2,000 door hangers, what are my chances of getting 25-35 yards? I hear people say expect a 1% response but that's not all the time, right? I put out 80 and I got a total of 7 calls. The problem is I live in a small town and I don't think I can put out 4,000-5,000 fliers. I would appreciate some help. THANKS!
well, if you have six now, give those six an incentive to help you, like giving them a free mow, for some one they recomend that signs on for maint, for the season. there are endless possibles without the fliers. without the cost.

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