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Originally Posted by MMADDUX View Post
The yards look awesome. A+++
I'm with you as far as collage and trying to work(hectic all the time). But I think you made a smart move going to collage. We will be glad we stuck it out.
Wow, what a ******. I had someone rearend me a month ago. Thankfully no damage.
Thats exactly how i feel. If i can manage to have my business throughout college that would be ideal. I think once i pay off my debt($9,000) right now, i would be much happier, but everything costs so much to run a business. I could pay it off right now,but id rather have it in 401k and investments and just pay small payments each month.

The way i see it, once i get out of college and have a 4 year degree(maybe an mba or masters) i will be able to grow to where i want to be and have the means to do it. If landscaping isnt for me, i will sell my liquid assets, sell my accounts and contracts, and find a job that gives me the time to be with family as well as take care of the financial situation as well.

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