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Originally Posted by rlmlandscape View Post
Yea man I feel ya with balancing the whole college and work thing. I had my own landscaping business when I got out of high school but after a year and wondering if this was something that I could make a living off of later in life I decided to go to school. Now Im 24 and I'm in my senior year as a landscape architect student. I started my company this spring and only have 15 lawn clients but do some larger install work right now and trying to manage it all is very stressful. For some reason though no matter what I do I always come back to landscaping, I feel that I have a true love for it. Next year I plan on advertising hard and hope to grow my business next year to double what it is now. I've been lucky enough to find a good, smart employee this year to help keep everything moving along. Are you planning on keeping the landscape company if you get a finance job out of school or just leave it all together?
Hey man, good for you that you got through college. Thats where i want to be, but i would rather have a degree in business than landscaping. Not to knock you or anything and if you love is in landscaping thats a great degree.

In highschool, i thought it was so cool to have a business, and awesome truck, a great gf, and to be grown up. Now i wish i enjoyed my highschool years more, and work a lil less. My bank accounts dissagre but i would rather have less money and more of a child hood looking back on it now. I started acting and living like an adult as soon as i got my license and truck.

I guess there is nothing wrong with growing up and starting a business so young and having to ability to purchase a house in cash when im 22 would be the best situation ever but money isnt everything and greed takes a lot of choices away from us.

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