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Originally Posted by ShaneysLawnCare View Post

Any mistakes, just let me know, I have been working hard on fixing all of them. Constructive criticism is very important! So look away!!
Excellent! Easy navigation, the text is easy to read, great colors, and I'm lovin the Photo Gallery.

If you haven't considered adding a blog to your site already (this thread has mentioned it time and time again) you may want to look into that. Installing wordpress onto your site is a breeze and it makes it super easy to add new content. You will definitely want to do that. Especially during the slower months, you will get very little traffic to your site. If you're adding new blog posts, you can share them on your facebook page and get traffic that way. Also, Google needs a reason to index your site. Adding new content is the best way to get Google to look at ya.

Good luck!

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