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I looked at the Husqvarna 580 BFS today. Man that thing is huge. I like that it has a hip strap and the tubes are gigantic and it comes with 2 tips, the rounded one and the fluted one. The straps don't look like they're very well padded compared to most other's I've seen, which is kind of surprising since this thing weighs nearly 30 pounds. So if this one of the Redmax blowers? If so what model? I can't find any reviews of it anywhere. I know it replaced the 380, but what are the differences, if any? I was leaning toward the Shindaiwa EB 802 but this thing got my attention. I have 2 older EB 630s that still run fine but I'm looking for one blower that just has pure brute force for those tough cleanup condtions.
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