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Originally Posted by mowerbrad View Post
It definately sounds like you have a lot on your plate, so really anything you can do to make your life easier will surely help out.

Have you thought of taking a few hours during the weekend to sit down with some friends and watch the MSU football games? Get a few friends together on the weekend for whatever particular game is on that day that you want to watch and just sit back and relax while watching the big game. You can have a little fun with the guys, shoot the breeze for a couple hours and just RELAX.

I know what its like to try and find a good balance between "work and play". Now, I don't do near the amount of work that you do in landscaping, but I have my fair share of things on my plate and I can honestly tell you that having something to help you relax or take your mind off things really helps keep you going.

Best of luck to you!!!

I didnt make myself clear. I have saturday and most of sunday free. I go to almost every MSU home game and some of the away football games as well. I am complaining way to much, just stressful environment to get work done and try to go to school as well. Usually sunday is my get everything ready, greased, gassed up, and start planning my week. Saturday morning i do a lot of paperwork though.

There is definitely a time for play with me, its just the play used to be all the time and not its opposite. I am working a lot and studying a lot to make my lfe successful.

Btw, my dad got me 4 sound off signal 1500 lumen lights for my bday. He said he got them from his buddy(one of him sponsers) from a snow plow distributor in Midland Michigan. Im not sure how much he paid but they are amazing. I think i am going to buy more from you once you get all set up. I saw the new 1500 lumen 4" circle lights that came out, and i really would like a quote on those if you could do that for me brad.

Thanks man for your time and help,


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