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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
Thanks for. The kudos, i would love to set up another businness venture, i love construction and everything to do with carpentry, i do it more as a hobby for family and friends doing gaarage set ups with shelving any everything. I love dirt birking and snowmobiling also. As for the age, i am only 19, not 22. But same difference. What are your plans for the excavation business
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I thought I had read somewhere in here that you're 22, that's even more impressive!! I wish I would've started my business earlier but thinking back I really didn't know as much as I would have needed to know back in high school and I'm doing alright where I'm at.

For the excavation portion we're planning on doing city sewer/waterline hook-ups to start, PM me for more info on the rest of that as it is kind of a niche thing that I'd rather not post to an open forum.

I'd just like to skip to 5-6 yrs down the road where we have the $$ to purchase the heavy equipment it takes to build motocross tracks as it's been my dream for a few years to have my own race track as well as a traveling race series.
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