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Originally Posted by Tiger Landscape View Post
I had a $100,000.00 equipment insurance policy it appears that having insurance is great until you actually need it. .
I worked as an insurance claims investigator so I do know something about the process.

Are you saying that a certified diesel mechanic is telling you that the machine cannot be repaired the way they are offering to repair it? If so you need to document that fact. Who is your Insurance carrier? How much would it cost to repair or replace this property?

Get estimates for the repair or replacement that you want. If your machine does not operate properly notify the insurance company and request authorization of liability to start renting equipment.

Insurance companies operate on documentation. The higher the stack of paper the more valid the claim. A lot of times it is about all the right paper work to put the claim through. Talk to the claim examiner, tell him you need a new engine. Ask what kind of documentation would be needed? Keep copies of everything. If you do not get satisfaction, ask to speak to the supervisor. Be polite but persistent.

There are companies called public adjusters who for a fee handle insurance claims. They are cheaper and often better than lawyers. But a lawyer can often be a lot of help.
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