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Originally Posted by steheap View Post
Thanks for the advice. I've looked at the parts diagram. The problem bearing is the center blade. Do I need to drop the cutting deck down from the main frame and slide it out, or can it be replaced while still installed on the mower? I'm assuming I need to hold the blade securely and remove the nut on the top, and then remove the split ring to free up the bearings? I've not managed to find any specific instructions about removing and replacing these bearings.

Your going to remove the top bolt by holding onto the blade with a piece of leather or a towel, or use a block of wood to lodge the blade to the baffle under the deck.
Use a breaker bar to have leverage on the top spindle bolt.
You can remove the entire spindle assembly from the deck without removing the deck from the tractor, it unbolts and slides out the bottom.
This is if the top spindle pulley easily removes.
Your likely going to need to replace it as a assembly anyways if its making this much noise.
The bearings have likely heated up so much that they have heated the housing to the point where the new bearings wont be tight in the housing.
This is if you can even get the old bearings out.

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