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Originally Posted by williams lcm View Post
I did have growth on the lawns . Not much but just enough to still cut. I had leaves to mulch up and driveways to blow off. I just dont want to get those dreaded calls. " where are you at....I did not see you this morning. It happens every year. People this you are slacking off.
Not me - most of the subdivisions here are new enough that the tree's leaves do not create that big of a mess. I explain to them from the start that if the turf does not need cut....I am not sticking a big mower on it and running over it...I did that a couple years ago and just had enough of that as it was wasting my time and gas and running overly perfectly happy grass just cause is kind of abuse if you ask me

We only mowed 2 lawns so far this week and I must of been cursed as I did just get a text from a client who has zoysia asking if we were coming this week as I have been writing this. I texted back remember I do not cut turf that does not need cut, your shrubs look good, beds are in great shape, did you need something addressed. The answer was no but could I edge the jasmine by the mailbox next week....OK

Now because we only mowed 2 lawns does not mean we did not address issues on full service accounts that needed something addressed but we have been working on putting things to rest little by little over the last couple of weeks looking forward to this. Add to this that many feel the need to to put Halloween decor all over there lawn (which means I don' t move that crap as I am not being compensated too)....I have a feeling this week will be full of lots of driving by the properties and waving
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