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Originally Posted by SIWEL View Post
I really like the lettering on the truck. Simple, legible and to the point, nothing extra.

If you do not buy that other truck please PM me the guys info....

What is your plans for your business? Run it full time or just a part time thing? Sorry if you already said it.
I'm deffinetly buying that other truck, I need a back up for plowing, and next year I plan to buy a leaf vac. and make it my leaf truck since it dumps. I'd like to have 30-40 lawns and few apartment complexes so im at 4 days of mowing for next season, and 20-30 driveways for this winter and 5-6 smaller commercial lots for plowing. so far I'm at 15 and I get a call or two a day for plowing and get 99%. I have 2 people who needed a few days to talk to their spouse about having me do snow removal, and they will be getting calls shortly.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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