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Dont regret the decision, I didnt check to see how long you have been doing the lighting but it makes sense to NOT do this particular ad and put the money towards advertising that will "brand" your name and get it in front of more people.

We are running a full page magazine ad that hits 110,000 houses AND a coupon style mailer (no coupon, ironic) that will hit 80,000 homes both in NY and NJ both of these will run around 4k combined.

Past experience says we will get between 75 and 150 calls, it's a large range but we are hitting some new areas so I figure it will be on the higher end.

of those 150 calls, 100 will not set an appt for a variety of reasons, too expensive, wanted us to hang their lights etc.

of the remaing 50 I would hope to sell 20 or so and based on our average that would be about a 10x ROI.

Point being, I dont think you would sell 10 of them for the same ROI as you would more than likely get from the postcards etc.

Good luck.
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