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I think owning a mowing franchise is a great idea!

As a matter of fact, I just started one 10 minutes when I was on the can!

Here's what you do. Go out and buy $75k worth of equipment, trucks, and trailers. Now bleed, sweat, and advertise and get a whole bunch of clients.
Now, send me $75k and I'll send you a couple of truck door magnets and some letterhead.

Can't afford it? No problems, I have some ex-Lehman Brothers employees on speed dial who keep in touch Bernie Maddoff and we can set you up with a sub-prime mortgage broker who can get a loan at 5% but will probably end up at 10-20% when the smoke clears. The cost of doing business! No worries! Keep sending me $1k every month. You better do it, or I'll take my door magnets back.

If you ever run into any problems, I'll give you my nephews phone number, and he'll walk you thru anything you need. Bingo. Recipe for nothing but success.

Send your $100k to: Aaronnc dba Valleybrick-McGrounds USA

I've got some Nigerian e-mail address pyramid schemes also this week only 50% off!!!
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