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Originally Posted by moneyclass View Post
Good post. Im actually going to start off this year with a snow blower snow removal service. Just got my signs made up yesterday.

Yeah my goal to get customers is keeping the price down and im gonna add in doing all for snow plows they usually dont add that into there service (there to lazy to get out of there warm truck lol)

Im doing $25 a driveway which will include there driveway sidewalks and salt by the front door.
Just what we need another low baller bring everyone else's profit down the drain.

I get $40 for a small driveway alone. single car width long enough to sqeeze two cars on it.

Then I try to up sell with price options. The customer can choose the level of service they can afford. Just driveway price, then quote if they would like you to also provide mail box access, cars, stairs, side walks, walk way around the house, side entrance, patios, decks, cars, etc.

I don't mess with salt. For two reasons. We clean up everything so well there is no need for salt. Up selling brings in a lot more profits then salting.

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