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Originally Posted by moneyclass View Post
Good post. Im actually going to start off this year with a snow blower snow removal service. Just got my signs made up yesterday.

Yeah my goal to get customers is keeping the price down and im gonna add in doing all for snow plows they usually dont add that into there service (there to lazy to get out of there warm truck lol)

Im doing $25 a driveway which will include there driveway sidewalks and salt by the front door.
Really? $25 a driveway? Seriously? How much do you plan on making at $25 a driveway? How long will a long driveway with a steep terrain take you? How much fuel do you plan on using? How long of a travel in between driveways? You may want to rethink your price. Id hate to be out there and get only a few calls and make only 75 bucks for doing only 3 driveways. not a good days pay if you ask me. If you charge those prices, you may as well do it for free!
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