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Originally Posted by BobbieB View Post
First a little background, I'm 22 and live in a subdivision in Washington Mi, that has a lot of leaves, I mean a ton. When I bagged my yard, I end up with 40-50 bags per week. I have equipment that I use to take care of my yard, a Redmax bp blower, and a Billy Goat Walk behind blower, that I can use in my business. Everyone burns in my neighborhood and they all hate it. I have talked to many neighbors and they would pay to have them removed, so I got to thinking.

I have no interest in starting a full lawn care business, I know that sounds stupid but I don't. Only a leaf service. I would offer full cleanups, and you rake we take deals. Figured I could work alone, maybe needing help every so often.

My plan.

I have thought of many different routes. First was a dump truck with a vac. I decided against that because of the cost of the truck, plates, maintenance etc. Also the licenses needed for air brakes and commercial hauling. Plus, what could I do with a dump truck when not in use.

So I decided on a dump trailer vac system. Figure dump trailer 3,000, vac 1,800, wood/tarps/etc 500. Puts me around 5-6 k for the system. This makes much more sense to have this system. And I have a place to store it, and possible use for it as well.

Now, I currently have a 2008 Duramax modded, which is my baby, but fully capable of doing any towing. I would just be scared of damaging my truck to run this operation. I wouldn't want to put anything in the bed, but Idk where I would fit a blower, walk behind, rakes and gas cans. But, now that winter is around the bend, I'm looking at getting a gas getter/not having to let my diesel warm up to drive 10 ft. Probably a v-6 ranger. Do you think it could pull a dump trailer loaded with leaves? My buddy's got one and tows a car hauler with a Wrangler on it, so Idk. Wouldn't really care much about this truck, it would be my "beater".

Then money comes into play. What to charge. My yard is .75 acre and takes me 1.25 hours to blow into large piles. I would be happy with 200 for a full cleanup and haul away. Or I figure 80 for just leaf pickup. Can anyone in the Shelby/Washington/Romeo area give me help on the pricing. I figure I can be very competitive. I would have no overhead besides a trailer and equipment that I already have. Some of these guys charge crazy amounts. Before I was old enough to do my leaves, 10 years ago, we paid 400-500 to have them done. And last year, I got a week behind and had soooo many leaves that I called a company to vac them up, and they wanted $240. So I think I can make some money here.

Lastly where to dump. Anyone know of a place near 28 and Mound that I can dump at. I assume there's gotta be a few? I would be willing to pay but free is best.
Not to discourage you, but most people want someone who will do year round service for them. These insane prices that you speak of are legit companies that have expenses and families to support. The money they charge for a service doesnt go into their pockets. They have to pay taxes, employees, operating expenses etc. How much fuel do you think you will need to operate your machines? How much do you think it will cost you in fuel to take your loads to the dump? If the dump charges a fee, are you going to pay for it out of your own pocket? I assure you its not FREE as you would call it. Know your expenses and labor and charge accordingly. If I were you, and I was thinking of a leaf removal service, I would first assume that you are legit and fully insured and would have planned how you were going to do it way ahead of time and started advertising months ago, maybe even last year when you were doing it. The way you just presented yourself makes you seem like a lowballer which many on this site frown upon and you will hardly get any advise from them. Just my 2 cents! Good Luck!
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