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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
You sure know how to piss off half the landscapers on the planet. You described half a day 500-600 with a 3 man set up is half a day. So they will do 2 jobs that size if all goes well and they can get the truck emptied in time for another clean up. So now you know they bring in 1000-1200. How much do you think men expect to be paid in this trade ill tell you 150-200 a day each. So now there goes 450-600 dollars of that. You still got 50 dollars in fuel cost then we get to spend 5 dollars a yard to dump the leaves and that's 60 a truck. You haven't touched on rent, insurance, banking fees, billing costs, equipment repairs, equipment replacements, truck repairs, truck replacements, tires all those F U fees that go with employee payroll. And then you may want to actually have a modest profit for yourself and trust me in fall clean ups at 1000-1200 a day for a 3 man crew its really modest..

So you blatantly show off how much you don't know what your talking about. Including the whole truck air brake bs you mentioned. You need air brakes on trucks over 26,000 gvw what size do you think that is? my ram 4500 is only 16,000 gvw and shes huge. You can get 6500s that are 26000 even an avoid that cost or any truck less then 6500 will be under 26000 and exempt from the air brakes. Further more if a truck with air brakes was bothering you what did you think would happen with the dump trailers you are allowed 10000 and then move up to a CDL. So minus the 3k or so the trailer will weigh then add in box and vac and you got a 6k payload. Where you could have 10k plus on a larger truck that still doesn't have air breaks and not need a CDL either.

Now if this is your dream they do have several leaf trailer options out there with the vac built in place but that does lead us to one other point you are missing. The wear and tear on the vac is huge the liners go the hose wears out the tips wear off the impeller wears down. Then the engine is in about the dirtiest place in the world so you will get all sorts of engine issues over the years. Basically I have 2 20hp giant vacs and have worked out the repairs vs the hours we use it OUR cost and that means what we pay to use it so OUR cost is over 60 and hour to use a vac. Nothing is a cheap as it seams so think hard on this before jumping in. If you want the low cost rake and bag approach knock yourself out the reason we get what we get is we pay to do the jobs quicker that's our investment. Is a guy with a ranger and a rake and a few bags worth 60 an hour absolutely not. Is a 5 man crew with self propelled blowers leaf plows on ztrs with vac systems leaf trucks with 20 plus hp vacs and brand new br 600s for every man worth 300 and hour you bet your ass it is.
That just about sums it up lol! And thats just leaf clean ups! Imagine the mowing and landscaping side of it. Some people just havent got a clue. Know it all lowballers suck! I really liked your reply. Good post!
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