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I like your reply. Seems you have alot of free time. Instead of writing me a three paragraph response you should be out working. So I can just tell how your business is run.

But if it takes your crew half a day to clean .75 acres, you need to clean your crew up. They clearly arnt performing all that well. My yard is .75 acres with aprx 90 large trees and I can have it plown cleanly to the road for burning in under 1.25 hours. That's around all tress, beds and every picking up almost every leaf. That's by myself with a 7100 redmax. Now if I had a guy running my push blower I'd be done way faster. With a vac I could do my property in 1.5-2 hours. And would be happy with 2-300. I understand how business work.

Secondly, I'm not looking to spend a ton on a truck. All the small under cdl trucks are 10 k, the older bigger trucks that are cheap have air brakes. Plus you need a vehicle inspection sticker over 10,000 plus insurance etc. Don't forget laws very in every state.

I know it's the end of the season, that's my plan. Have time to think and research before I do anything. Also here in micigan things get real cheap this time of year. But I've looked at alot of set ups on this site. Some of them are amazing, some arnt even close to professional. I'm not looking to go all out and build a crazy rig, just looking to make money and offer honest pricing. For yeas people have been gravytraining leaf pickup. Now there going under because companys charge an arm and a leg, then wonder why they don't get call backs.

I never claimed to be a pro. I had an idea that I though could work. But seems like you guys are more into character bashing, than constructive criticism.
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