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Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
Last November I tried doing a couple cleanups with just a dusting of snow...never again...took 10 times as long as it should have. Leaves wouldn't suck up with the mower, the blower wouldn't blow them more than 3 inches at a time, and when I went to tarp them and take them to the truck, I could only lift 15 leaves at a time.
Oh man do I got that story beat 3 seasons ago we finish off a neighborhood with snow in the forecast for the next day we just couldn't get that last over sized fenced lawn. So the next morning they had snow predicted for around noon so we went out any ways blew off the entire front then the chain broke on the drive for out self propelled fradan 18hp blower. So be it we made it a manual one figured it was a hilly lawn so were blowing the back through a gate the guy made to the woods and when we got close to the end I started mowing the place. I use a 27hp 60 inch lazer with a trac vac system I get the entire front done then head to the back just as the snow starts. I finish the back about 10 mins latter. By now the snow is coming down like a blizzard huge heavy flakes. The ride home was a challenge trailers do not like 2-3 inches of snow and it was that deep in 30-45 mins from it starting so we raced to unload nothing got winterized. Next spring found a surprise we had like 10 gallons of the nastiest water you can imagine in the trac vac barrel all sorts of molds growing in there guess we forgot to dump it that last time opps. The mower bagged the snow and then later it melted.

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