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Originally Posted by BobbieB View Post
I came looking for advice, pricing info and ideas. Sure I might have approched thing poorly. But I thought this was a proffesional fourm, didn't expect some of your responses. I had good intentions for this thread but now it's just a bash session.
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Bob I wasn't trying to bash you I was pointing out the reality of this aspect of this trade. You took a few cheap shots at me and I stomped on you I guess and I apologize I realize you are new here. So what do you say we leave what was said behind and see if we can help you if you still want it. And I didn't fully unload I let the line about how I must be inefficient slide because I know tree sizes differ dramatically as do seeds and things that get caught in the lawns. Get some lawns with yellow poplar seeds and your watch you blow off times quadruple and don't get me started with nut trees.

So what are the makes and models of the dump trailers your looking at and what size leaf vac can you buy used for 1800?
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