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I've been looking at a few trailers. The first 2 are 3k private owners and seem to be in good shape but need paint, which is not a big deal. I plan on adding 4-6 foot sides and painting the entire trailer. The last one is brand new. He will take $3500 for it. I like the idea of new, but from what I've read a axle under is better for leaves.

And as for the leaf vac, I judged a little light. Figuring more like 2-2500. There's a 23hp Giant Vac that I could get for 2500 firm, tow behind unit that I would mount.

I would use the stake pockets and 2x12 to build the box higher, and have my buddy's fab shop build the steel doors higher and some braces for the top and weld the vac to the tongue of the trailer somehow. My only issue is where to put my push blower, I could put it in the truck bed, but it would be a pain. Thinking about welding a receiver to the back of my dump trailer and making a platform that the blower would sit on and could be removed for dumping.

I'm not sure how long everyone's typical leaf season is, but around me it tends to go from Oct 1 through November. And typically the city applies for a burn and yard waste pickup extension till the last week in November. I talk to my buddy who has his own company and he is back up big time right now. He has 3 crews, 2 for blowing to the street, and 1 strictly to for leaf vac. I bounced some ideas off him and he mentioned I could even run some pickups for him when he's really backed up.

I just did my leafs today and it took me so long to burn because there damp, and want to have them clean for tomorrow. Thinking it would be so nice to have my own unit. The guy behind me usually does his own leaves, but isn't feeling well to enough to burn so is having his yard guy just pick up the pile. He's paying him $80 for a pile about the size of a average pick up truck.
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