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Originally Posted by BobbieB View Post
I still can't believe you can burn in this day in age. Most of the homes in my sub are under 1/3 acre and were on dirt roads. People blow the leaves just past there grass and dowse them in gas and light them up. Its horrible, it smells and it cant be healthy.

But the more I think about it, the more I like the Idea of a new trailer. Warranty, less to mess with and heck good paint.

I didn't clarify my plan 100% I guess. I do plan on putting the vac unit on the tongue, and having it professionally welded, maybe put it on a swing system just in case I need to get in the battery box. But I was thinking about how to haul my push blower. I have one and it would be nice to use, only way to haul it would be to rig up something on the rear.
oooooh..sorry misread...was in a hurry...dropping in here for breaks from invoicing, lol. I thought the vac was going on the back...I get it now....little cargo carrier back there for the blower.
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