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Originally Posted by Cal_CF View Post
One thing to watch out for when purchasing Perennial Peanut is to make sure you specify to the grower that you want Ecoturf, Arblick, Brooksville 67, or Brooksville 68. These are the only available low growing ornamental varieties. As Ric said, Ecoturf is probably the best one available.

Some growers are propagating an entirely different species of perennial peanut commonly sold as 'Golden Glory'. It grows by above ground stolons instead of below ground rhizomes making it less cold tolerant in the central and northern parts of FL. It also does not fix nitrogen as well and usually has chlorotic looking foliage.
Yes, watch out for Golden Glory. That is the worst ground cover I can think of to use. Many years ago, that stuff was introduced into this state. Lots of problems with nutrient deficiencies, weeds and diseases. The above ground runners are a PITA because it is not hard to do something wrong and have a stemmy, bald looking mess.
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