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Very Good article Smallaxe.
I'm glad i didn't type what i was thinking DA, i didn't even realize that i was confusing a late fall app with the so called "winterizer" app. To be honest with you, i don't know anyone that would apply fert that late, especially after the obvious fact that the grass was dormant. We do some dormant seeding down here but not really any dormant fertilization. We call our winterizer that late fall app with soil at about 55 or so. Right around last cut i think is the perfect time. It's all about the soil temp imo, even if there's snow on the ground, doesn't mean the soil is froze. May still be 45 or so. Perfect for a quick shot of N.
Just recently did some ag research to find that 80-90% of P2O5 is locked in the soil if not taken up by plants immediatly. So everybody does a starter app with seed because of convenience of being on the job, not because it is right. Should probably wait until the seed starts to germinate a week later. Just because you have P in the soil doesn't mean the grass can get it.
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