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They are there for a reason. I have made several calls to farming accidents but most were results of operator fatigue. A couple of pro landscaper accidents. All walked away. I do use mine all the time because like seatbelt. They will make a difference. I did stop at a scene of an tractor type mower (486xjohn deers). It was in its side at the bottom of a 9 foot deep drainage ditch. The lady driving lucked out. She was thrown off before it hit bottom. She is so lucky. She told me she fell asleep and drove in the ditch. So the answer is. I have been fire rescue for 26 years and work as an er nurse during winter. Accidents happen and no one makes appointments for the trauma center. I am older and have seen I wear my seat belt and pay attention to safety devices.
The most experienced operators of any equipment are the ones who have more accidents. I like most of us in here take shortcuts and thats when the mistakes happen. I got a call out a year ago to a tree trimmer in the bucket had fallen. I know him. He is a first class guy and has a super family. He told me he was in a hurry and didnt use safety belt and bucket flipped when he reached out to far. Hope I am not too opinionated but I get enough fire and rescue calls to need more...Stay Safe..for your kids and wife.
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