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New to Lawn Care

Hey All,

I am new to the business and am from the Tri-City area of Virginia. I am currently a Police Officer (hence the pun of LAWN enforcement) and am starting small in hopes of growing a business before I retire in 7 more years. I am gonna try to focus on the small yards that the 'big boys' dont wanna fool with. I am putting myself out there as "Lawn Care" NOT "Landscaping" as I realize there is a world of difference and alot of people call themselves landscapers when all the do is cut grass. Landscapes may come later.

I am starting out with mostly good new equipment, Sthil trimmer, echo trimmer/edger, echo backpack blower, toro push mowers, Husqvarna saw. The only questionable item is my Craftsman (husky made) YTS 3000 rider. Buts its only 2 years old and will be good for first season. I am gonna offer basic cut/trim/blow, edging, hedge trim, leaf work, small (very small) tree work, trash out, light hauling, mulching, yard cleanup, and light duty residential snow removal/salting (concrete/hard surface).

This is a great site and hope to meet some people from my area.

Mike Bresko
Tri-City Lawn Enforcement
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