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Well to be honest insurance (trailer specific) i havent considered. Which either way would not make or break my decision, and jus for anyone wanting to be negative we have work comp, 1,000,000 liab, etc. Anyways my main concern is the approx $8000 price tag which isnt that big of a deal EXCEPT... My concern is most of our bulk material ie. landscape mix, mulch, rock we have delivered and figured into the estimate. Now, my ? is does it pay off to pay a laborer to go get that material instead of have delivered? I could use those hands getting old beds ripped out n and getting beds prepped while dirt contractor is delivering... But i also have to realize for smaller jobs i know it would be benificial. Guess im just wanting other lcos 2cents. I know there are negatives and positives, jus wondering if its more of a want than a need!?
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