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Originally Posted by stuffdeer View Post
Can someone give me some input on an SEO standpoint on mine? I know it draws me some good amount of business from the internet.
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I took a quick look. You need work on your title descriptions and keywords.
The phrase "This Website was built from Blank Website by WixDemo using" is placed in your meta description.
That is not going to help you much.

google Rank 2.82 DomainRank 1.65 0.88
google Trust 0 Domain trust 1.04 0
Total Links 5 Total Links 5 5
External Followed Links 5
External Followed Links5 5
Internal Followed Links 0
Linking Root Domains 1
I know these numbers don't make sense

The data is from a tool that shows how Google rates your pages for trust and gives you low or high ranking.

The google trust rank is 0. This doesn't mean your site is not good.
It just means that Google cannot verify anything.

When you search lawn care southgate MI. this is what customers see without the bottom numbers.
You are at the bottom of the page.
The two other competitors on the page below you do not have a website.

RMG Lawn Service Southgate, MI
This Website was built from Blank Website by WixDemo using
PA: 23 mR: 2.82 mT: 0.00 5 links from1 Root Domains
Root DomainA: 8

DmR: 0.882

Hope this is helpful. Wish it were better news.
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