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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

I missed seeing this thread until today.

I am going to take it back to basics for a second or two. The type of soil and It's Chemical holding power should have a bearing on your selection of a Fertilizing program. Slow release liquid Fert is no good on sandy soil. It runs through before it can used and only pollutes the water table. Clay Soil it has a better chance of being used if it doesn't run off.

I am not going to bring out the SOIL SAMPLE Flag because I haven't pulled a soil sample in Years. But I know what my soil is and has or doesn't have that I need to add. I am sure my Fert program wouldn't work in other areas as good as it does in my area.
My soils vary greatly from sandy to clay/rock. I have been on a granular only program due to limited time and have had good success with choosing higher quality products. I am considering a liquid or hybrid program for customers who desire the ultimate and are willing to pay. Almost all of my soils are acidic and suggest a N to K equal ratio except for bermuda naturally needs more N. What general guidelines can you give?

On another subject what do you do differently fert/herb wise to grass that grows in heavy shade?
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